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Organised walks

See the best of the wall in two days

Arguably the best section of Hadrian's wall is between Chollerford and Birdoswald. We have developed a special weekend walking package which ensures that you get to see the best section of the wall in two days with our guided tour. The total walk is just under 10 miles in total.

This is not an endurance event. The route and distances are well within the capabilities of most people and we tailor the route and schedule to the suit the wishes of the tour members. Call and chat to us about it if you'd like more details, or if you have any special needs or interests.

The total two-night tour package price for tents and caravans with Hardstanding and Electric, is £220 per person. The full package with a wigwam is £250 per person, based on three people sharing the wigwam. An extended Sunday walk can be added with a supplement is £50 per person.

Prefer to explore on your own?

If you fancy a few days exploring Northumberland on your own with the aid of some good guide books, check out the SightVisit website.

You'll find all you need for a complete walking and touring holiday.

You can download guides and buy a copy of the sightvisit book about eleven great walks.

Here's the weekend schedule

Friday evening

Arrive at the campsite around 7pm. Come as a group or join others for a great weekend of walking and exploring.

Have a good night's rest in your tent, caravan or one of our wigwams, so that you are relaxed, rested and ready for the two day walking tour that will start early the next morning.


Everyone will be given a packed lunch for the Saturday journey. The tour leaves our site and heads off to Cawfields quarry, which is about a mile away.

Then we head East along the wall to Steel Rigg, (3 miles) and on to Vindolanda ... a distance of 1.8 miles. The Vindolanda Museum is a gem. The wet climate, silty soil, and the Roman habit of dumping their trash into the drainage ditches have conspired to produce an archaeologist's heaven. Hundreds of documents -- from paymaster lists to letters from home -- and thousands of objects (weapons, hairpins, shoes, tools, even a wig) fill the meandering rooms of the museum. The gift shop there also has the widest selection of books. The finds provide a window into the lives of the cavalry who manned the garrison and the townsfolk they ruled. The archeological staff there estimate that it will take another century or two to fully excavate and study the site.

You will have up to 2 hours free time to explore Vindolanda before resuming the guided tour. Having regrouped in the car park, the tour goes back to Steel Rigg,(1.8 miles), then 3 miles East to Housesteads, passing the famous Sycamore Gap Robin Hood tree on the way. This is a good photo opportunity.

Arriving at Housesteads, you will have a further hour to explore the Roman Fort on your own before regrouping in the car park where our mini-bus will collect you and bring you back to the campsite.


On Sunday, there are two options: A half-day guided tour, finishing back at the campsite around lunchtime, for those who want to depart early afternoon, or a full-day guided tour for those planning to stay another night or leave early evening.

Option 1: Half-day walk

Starting about 10am, we head West for 3.5 miles to Birdoswald, where the longest remaining continuous stretch of Hadrian’s Wall can be seen.

Hadrian’s Wall was built by the order of the Emperor Hadrian, following his visit to Britain in AD 122. It was planned as a continuous wall with a milecastle every Roman mile (1.48 kilometres) and two turrets equally spaced between each milecastle. The Wall, with its defensive ditches and large forts, stretched from coast to coast, a distance of 80 Roman miles (approximately 120 kilometres or 75 miles). It formed the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire. The outer walls of the fort at Birdoswald, known in Roman times as Banna, stood 4.5m tall, a height similar to that of Hadrian’s Wall itself. The fort had East and West gateways onto the Military Way, the main road connecting all the forts along the length of the Wall. It was occupied by Roman auxiliaries from approximately AD 112 to AD 400, and comprised a headquarters building, granaries, barracks and an exercise building.

You will have an hour to explore the Roman Army Museum before being met by our minibus and driven back to the campsite.

Option 2: Extended Sunday walk

Instead of returning to the campsite from Birdoswald, the walk will continue on to ....

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