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  • FREE Playground and Petting Farm
    Roman Fort
    Toddlers Pirate Ship
    Disc Swing
    Petting farm
    Alpacas, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, etc


The playground is perfect for children of all ages and has been especially designed to stimulate young minds, encourage imaginative play and give them endless hours of fun.

There is a large, safe, play area, a Roman Fort, a Toddlers Pirate Ship, and a Disc Swing.


Your children will love our three alpacas, Mamba, Knight and young Minstrel.

They are really intriguing. These endearing and lovable creatures are gentle and curious, and they are beautiful to look at. They hum softly while you stroke them, and when you touch their fleece, you will be amazed at how soft and lustrous it feels.

Petting farm

We have miniature lop eared rabbits called Lunar and Twilight. Children will love to hold them and stroke them in our small animal pen alongside the playground.

We also have two donkeys called Coco and Barney, a pig named Bubble, and some chickens.

With the animal farm, the alpacas, and the playground, kids are sure to have a whale of a time!

More options

There are many places within easy reach of the campsite to amuse children of all ages.

Check out our "Kids stuff" section where you'll find lots of ideas and suggestions.

We love families at our campsite. It's a great campsite for kids!

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