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Eco friendly initiatives

  • Flow control taps and showers

    Wastage can account for almost 20% of total water consumption. We have installed flow control taps and showers to ensure that water flows only when really needed.

  • Recycling

    To minimise landfill carbon footprint, we send all our waste to a bespoke Materials Recycling Facility, where it is recycled and used to produce products that can be used in the building and manufacturing industries..

  • Solar heat panels

    Unlike most other forms of electricity production, solar is effectively limitless - only depending on the sun! We have installed solar panels for lighting our amenities block.

  • Air source heat pump

    Air source heat pumps generate less CO2 than conventional heating systems. We have installed one for the underfloor heating system in our amenity block and drying room.

  • Sheiling clothes dryer

    Apart from a few times at the peak, when we have to use the tumble dryer due to limited storage, we dry 95%, in our Sheiling Dryer. And the wind blows out the creases!

  • Wildlife conservancy

    Honeybees, Ladybirds and Butterflies, important pollinators, are running out of natural areas where they can thrive. We have installed bee hotels and a ladybird lodge to help these threatened species.

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